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we are digital experts

We are based in Geneva, designing for the European and global markets

Marketing strategy

we do the research, talk to people, understand the market and add creative thinking to develop powerful and

insightful solutions.




◦ We designed the digital fundraising strategy for an NGO in the health sector to enhance the importance and sensitivity of a key initiative.


◦ We developed  the growth strategy for company in the public sector leveraging a new brand and budget allocation.


◦ This year we have been working with the executive of a young global brand to support the launch of their new revolutionary lifestyle product.


◦ Directly working with the CEO of a finance company we repositioned

their offerings tailoring key messages for their customers. We used audience listening sessions and ran customised workshops.




◦ A Fortune Global 500 company has asked us for help to develop  a stakeholder engagement process.

◦ We worked with an NGO to design a new design strategy shifting the community focus towards an inclusive solution that could generate new opportunities.


◦ We are assisting the CEO of a SM Enterprise in a cultural and digital transformation by engaging employees and partners in multiple workshops.


with our many years of consulting experience we have tested the processes which we have seen work over and over, we use creative tools and approaches to define opportunity and tackle problems.


we ask the questions to challenge set ideas and perspectives, our multi skilled team challenges the obvious and define

unique solutions.




◦ We are currently supporting a Fortune 500 company in launching a new cutting edge management school.


◦ We are helping a young and ambitious green Logistics company to define new business opportunities to launch a digital first exponential business.


◦ An important industrial association has appointed our team to design a new multi sided market place solution

to accelerate the businesses impact  across their affiliates.


◦ We defined the new message and positioning of a financial advisor consultancy using our creative tools to innovate their message.

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